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   First Baptist Church of Wildwood
is a conservative, Bible-believing church where every week the Bible, the living and inerrant Word of God, is taught and preached. For over forty years we have been committed to the teaching and preaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Recognizing that the salvation of each individual is given by grace, through faith, apart from any works of righteousness we might do.
 “Holding Forth the Word of Life”
We are an independent Baptist congregation located in the city of Wildwood in West
St. Louis County “where the country meets the city.”     
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Online Sermons

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Preaching and Teaching Ministry
The preaching and teaching of the Word of God is given the primary place in all our services:  Sunday school, Morning worship, Sunday evening service, and Wednesday evening prayer and Bible study. Our traditional worship services are not designed to entertain, but to enrich, instruct, and strengthen.
Join us for worship!
Every Sunday
10:00 AM     Sunday School for all ages
11:00 AM     Worship Service
6:00 PM       Worship Service

Every Wednesday
6:30 PM  Patch the Pirate Club and      
              Teens Club            
7:00 PM  Family Prayer Meeting and
              Bible Study          

Join the crew for Patch the Pirate Club lessons that will help you learn godly character traits through daily Quiet Time devotions, Bible stories, Patch the Pirate adventure music, and Willow Valley Kids stories. Join us each week as we study how a wise child builds his or her life on the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t miss the boat! See you in club! This year's theme is Operation Arctic: Viking Invasion. 

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