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First Baptist Church of Wildwood - Teen Group

2470 Pond Road
Wildwood, MO  63040


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First Baptist Church of Wildwood - Teen Group



We are back to begin a new year in Proteens and we have an exciting new study that we have begun for this year. So many times in the day our teens are bombarded with spending money. Whether it be from friends showing what new line of clothing was purchased for the new school year or from commercials on TV implying that happiness only comes with the purchase of a certain product, there is no escape from the constant battle that our teens have with how to handle money.
As you have guessed, this year we are going to be studying money. We are going to find the good and the bad (yes, I said good), what God thinks about money, how God expects us to use the money He has given us, and also how to have a plan. Money had been given a bad reputation, but as with anything, it is really our attitude toward money that gets us in trouble. This is the perfect time for teens to begin to learn how God wants us to handle money. They are sent thousands of credit card applications between high school and college graduation. They need to be prepared.

Parents, this will also benefit you. Talk to your child after our class time and see what they have learned. It is never too late for even adults to change their way of handling money. You also have “real world” applications and situations that you have experienced that can aid in bringing our study to life.
As always we do request your prayers as we teach the youth group. Not only in our class time, but also as we try and live a good example. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your teen’s life and our prayer is that they grow closer to the Lord.
Scott and Jessica Weldy


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